Embrace Industry 4.0 with TDengine
— the Next Generation Data Historian

TDengine™ is a next generation data historian purpose-built for Industry 4.0 and Industrial IoT. It enables real-time data ingestion, storage, analysis, and distribution of petabytes per day, generated by billions of sensors and data collectors. With TDengine making big data affordable and accessible, digital transformation has never been easier.

TDengine is a next generation data historian that centralizes data from a variety of data sources and shares it with applications and users.
Unified Centralization Across Sites and Platforms

Eliminate data silos within your organization and obtain a global view of your operations. TDengine allows you to streamline industrial data processing and easily perform ETL on data from different sites, aggregating and storing the data from OPC, MQTT, traditional data historians like PI System, and other sources into a unified platform that acts as a single source of truth for your business.

PI System
Scalable and Efficient Storage

Store data from billions of Industrial IoT devices with the best ingestion, querying, and compression performance on the market. TDengine’s natively distributed architecture provides a scalable data storage solution that eliminates issues associated with high cardinality. And its tiered storage design allows you to keep your data for as long as you like.

Advanced Analytics and AI

Use standard SQL with powerful time-series extensions to analyze your data in real time or seamlessly integrate with the latest AI-based analytics tools in TDengine’s open ecosystem. TDengine brings cutting-edge solutions to traditional industries and enables remote monitoring, predictive maintenance, abnormality detection, and better decision-making.

Power BI
Looker Studio
Simple and Secure Sharing

Share data as easily as you share Google Docs, and at any granularity: entire databases, a subset of tables, a subset of columns, or even aggregated results. TDengine streams data in real time to authorized consumers to easily distribute data internally and externally, all with fine-grained access controls for users and groups so you can ensure only necessary data is shared.

High Performance at Any Scale

Store, process, and monitor up to petabytes of data per day generated by billions of data collectors and sensors with no performance deterioration. TDengine’s distributed cloud native architecture provides scalability, elasticity, and resilience to meet the needs of datasets of any size, eliminating high cardinality issues while maintaining high performance as your business continues to grow.

High Performance Cloud Native
TDengine has a higher data ingestion rate than InfluxDB and TimescaleDB with lower disk space usage.
TDengine can ingest data from a wide variety of sources and share that data with users and third-party applications over open interfaces and standard protocols.

Open Ecosystem to Drive Innovation

The days of proprietary interfaces and convoluted licensing schemes are over. TDengine is built on an open source core and easily integrates with the latest visualization, business intelligence, and AI tools through standardized interfaces — ODBC, JDBC, and more — at no additional cost. TDengine even includes tools that allow you to export your data to other systems in real time, ensuring you’ll never be locked in to a single vendor.

Open Ecosystem Open Source

Big Data Without Big Cost

Data volumes may be growing exponentially, but your costs shouldn’t. Legacy systems that charge hundreds of thousands for 50,000 tags simply weren’t designed for the Industrial IoT era, and you can expect to pay a fraction of that with TDengine. And with its high performance TSDB and built-in stream processing, caching, and data subscription, TDengine simplifies your system and reduces the need for additional platforms.

Reduce TCO by 50% Transparent Pricing
TDengine reduces system complexity with its suite of built-in components, dramatically reducing total cost of operation for data infrastructure.

Proudly Open Source

TDengine is built on the open source time series database TDengine OSS

Develop applications with TDengine’s client libraries in your favorite programming language


Modern Data Platform for Traditional Industries

TDengine for PI System

TDengine provides a powerful extension of PI System that facilitates data centralization, sharing, analytics, and AI apps, bringing your data into a modern, open ecosystem without having to rip and replace your existing PI deployments.

Our solution
TDengine for Wonderware Historian

Building on the solid foundation of Wonderware Historian, TDengine overcomes performance limitations by centralizing data into a unified high-performance platform while allowing you to retain your current Wonderware setup.

Our solution
TDengine for Manufacturing

TDengine simplifies industrial connectivity so you can integrate all your devices, automation systems, and software applications using secure and platform-independent standards including OPC.

Our solution
TDengine for Energy

TDengine optimizes the efficiency of your plants by providing a unified platform for cross-site data, enabling modern use cases such as predictive maintenance and global analytics.

Our solution
TDengine for Connected Cars

TDengine’s unique data model is tailor-made to meet the challenges of connected cars data, delivering the highest performance for processing massive datasets while reducing total cost of ownership for data management.

Our solution

Start in 60 Seconds

Exploring a new system shouldn’t require a big investment — of time or money. Instead of spending months in contract negotiations, get started with TDengine Cloud in a few seconds with no upfront costs. With standard SQL support, zero-code integration with a variety of data sources, and client libraries for popular programming languages, TDengine makes digital transformation easier than ever.

Latest Updates

TDengine’s PostgreSQL Connector streamlines real-time data synchronization and migration from PostgreSQL, boosting data management efficiency.
TDengine’s MySQL Connector facilitates efficient data migration and real-time synchronization from MySQL, enhancing time-series data management.
Understand how their unique architectural strengths and features align with different data management needs, from IoT applications to dynamic content handling.
We will discuss various aspects of TDengine and TimescaleDB to provide a comprehensive understanding of their functionalities, architectures, features, and use cases.
Shengliang Guan
Shengliang Guan
To do a good job, one must first sharpen their tools. Mastering more tools and methods enables you to handle issues more confidently.
Easily convert and integrate data from MQTT and InfluxDB into TDengine, streamlining data conversion and boosting efficiency for real-time analysis and decision-making.