High-Performance, Scalable
Time-Series Database for Industrial IoT

From predictive maintenance and remote monitoring to AI and ML, the latest industrial applications all have one thing in common — a reliance on large, high quality datasets. And no database better helps you gain real-time insights than TDengine™, the only time-series database designed for Industrial IoT.

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High Performance at Any Scale

With its distributed scalable architecture that grows together with your business, TDengine can store and process massive datasets up to 10.6x faster than other TSDBs — all while providing the split-second latency that your real-time visualization and reporting apps demand.

High Performance Distributed Design

Efficient Data Storage

With its unique design and data model, TDengine provides the most cost-effective solution for storing your operations data, including tiered storage, S3, and 10:1 data compression, ensuring that you can get valuable business insights from your data without breaking the bank.

Tiered Storage High Compression

Data Consolidation Across Sites

With built-in connectors for a wide variety of industrial sources — MQTT, Kafka, OPC, PI System, and more — TDengine delivers zero-code data ingestion and extract, transform, and load (ETL) in a centralized platform that acts as a single source of truth for your business.

Data Consolidation Data Sources

Comprehensive Solution for Industrial Data

With out-of-the-box data subscription, caching, and stream processing, TDengine is more than just a time-series database — it includes all key components needed for industrial data storage and processing built into a single product and accessible through familiar SQL statements.

Comprehensive Solution

Proudly Open Source

TDengine is built on the open source time series database TDengine OSS

Develop applications with TDengine’s client libraries in your favorite programming language


Modern Solutions for Modern Industrial Applications

Predictive Maintenance

With its unmatched performance, scalability and time-series capabilities, TDengine provides the ideal data backbone for powering IIoT predictive maintenance initiatives across industries like manufacturing, energy, utilities and more.

Our solution
Condition Monitoring

With its high ingestion rate, efficient storage, real-time processing capabilities, seamless scalability, and integrated solutions, TDengine is the ideal choice for condition monitoring in any industrial setting.

Our solution
Operational Efficiency

With its high ingestion rate, efficient storage, real-time processing capabilities, seamless scalability, and integrated solutions, TDengine is the ideal choice for optimizing operational efficiency across various industries.

Our solution

Start in 60 Seconds

Exploring a new system shouldn’t require a big investment — of time or money. Instead of spending months in contract negotiations, get started with TDengine Cloud in a few seconds with no upfront costs. With standard SQL support, zero-code integration with a variety of data sources, and client libraries for popular programming languages, TDengine makes digital transformation easier than ever.

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