Data Sources

Data infrastructure is a huge investment for industrial enterprises and not one that can be “ripped and replaced” on a whim. As your business grows, it’s likely that new sites will be brought online that use different platforms or protocols, making it difficult to obtain company-wide data — different systems, different data structures, even different units of measurement can all be serious challenges for operations teams. For that reason, it’s important that your data centralization solution support a wide variety of data sources.

Unlike other time-series databases, TDengine is purpose-built for industrial scenarios and include built-in connectors for systems commonly used in plants today. Say goodbye to hacked-together solutions and manual export of data — TDengine can ingest real-time and historical data from modern industrial protocols, data collectors, traditional historians, and more. In addition, TDengine can easily import and parse CSV files with advanced ETL options just like other data sources.

Industrial Data Protocols

Data Collectors and Event Stores

Traditional Data Historians

Time-Series Databases

Relational Databases