TDengine for Manufacturing

Make industrial digital transformation easier
and more affordable than ever

TDengine simplifies industrial connectivity so you can integrate all your devices, automation systems, and software applications using secure and platform-independent standards including OPC.

Built for Industrial Data

Zero Code Setup

TDengine securely connects to industrial data sources for industrial ETL making digital transformation easier than ever.

Flexible Deployment

Deploy TDengine Enterprise on-premises, in a private cloud, or use the fully managed TDengine Cloud.

Built for Scale

TDengine is purpose-built for handling massive industrial datasets; store, process, and monitor up to petabytes of data per day.

Solution Architecture

Deploying TDengine reduces system complexity and costs for industrial data operations

Industrial ETL


Configure one of TDengine's Data Sources to ingest data from OPC UA or MQTT - no scripting involved. Or ingest data directly from popular systems like Wonderware or PI System.


Using one of TDengine's Data Source Connectors (such as PI System, OPC UA, MQTT, Kafka, etc), users can process and transform data before writing to TDengine. Many different types of data transformations are available to join, split, rename, format, filter, or create fields. Additionally, any valid JavaScript expressions can be used to apply mathematical formulas or manipulate values.


Tables are automatically generated in TDengine using the Data Sources and data starts streaming right after it is configured. View and query data within TDengine Explorer, share with 3rd parties with TDengine's data sharing feature, or analyze the data directly in one of TDengine's integrations like Power BI.

How TDengine Benefits You


Rapid and simple implementation makes integration with existing OPC systems an easy task.


High availability eliminates single points of failure with cluster deployment and horizontal scaling.


Built-in stream processing, caching, and data subscription components reduce system complexity and costs.

Case Study

Overall, the SIMICAS team was greatly impressed with the performance of TDengine and the level of support received. The simplified architecture enabled by TDengine will benefit all SIMICAS customers, and we are excited to continue working with TDengine in the future.


SIMICAS® is a digital transformation solution that Siemens DE&DS DSM has developed for equipment manufacturers. After SIMICAS 1.0 was launched, two pain points were identified:

  • Introducing Flink and Kafka into the architecture made deploying the solution cumbersome and required more server resources.
  • Applications for the solution became more complex because databases and tables had to be partitioned in PostgreSQL in order to store the large amounts of incoming data.


In SIMICAS OEM 2.0, three components – Flink, Kafka, and Redis – were replaced by TDengine, greatly simplifying the system architecture.