Open-Source, High-Performance Simplified Solution for Time Series Data

TDengine™ is an open-source, cloud-native time series database (TSDB) optimized for Internet of Things (IoT), Connected Cars, and Industrial IoT. It enables efficient, real-time ingestion, processing, and monitoring of terabytes and even petabytes of data per day, generated by billions of sensors and data collectors.

TDengine Cloud fully managed time-series database (TSDB) is released

High performance time-series databaseHigh Performance

TDengine is the only time series database that solves the high-cardinality issue, supporting billions of data collection points while outperforming other time series databases in data ingestion, querying and compression.


Simplified solution for time-series dataSimplified Solution

Through built-in caching, stream processing, and data subscription features, TDengine provides a simplified solution for time series data processing that significantly reduces system design complexity and operational costs.


Cloud-native time-series databaseCloud Native

Through native distributed design, sharding and partitioning, separation of compute and storage, Raft, support for Kubernetes deployment and full observability, TDengine can be deployed on public, private or hybrid clouds.


Trusted by Developers from Startups to Giants

Over 100k running instances and 18k GitHub Stars

DJI Automotive logo

Connected Cars:
DJI Automotive processes autonomous driving data in milliseconds

Li Auto logo

Connected Cars:
Li Auto reduces IoT data storage and compute nodes from 17 to only 5

Siemens logo

Industrial Internet:
Siemens SIMICAS® solution simplifies industrial data workflows

OPPO logo

Internet of Things:
OPPO lowers storage resources for IoT product data by 75%

TCL logo

Industrial Internet:
TCL builds an energy conservation and management platform for Industry 4.0

RCT Power logo

RCT Power builds a platform for its residential energy storage system

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Why Do Developers Choose TDengine?

Open-source time series DB

Open Source

The core components of TDengine, including clustering, are all available under open-source licenses. It has an active developer community with 18k stars on GitHub and over 100k running instances worldwide.


Easy to use time series DB

Ease of Use

TDengine significantly reduces the effort to deploy and maintain a time series database. It provides a simple interface and seamless integrations for third-party tools, giving users and developers easy access to data.


Time series DB with easy data analytics

Easy Data Analytics

Through supertables, storage and compute separation, data partitioning by time interval, pre-computation, and other means, TDengine makes it easy to explore, format, and get access to data in a highly efficient way. 


Time Series Database Usage Scenarios

Internet of things time-series databaseInternet of Things

Smart hardware, connected equipment, smart homes, smart cities, smart water

Industrial internet time-series databaseIndustrial Internet

Smart manufacturing, process industry, production digitization, digital twin

DevOps time-series databaseDevOps

IDC, host, virtual machine, network device, container, micro service monitoring

TDengine time-series database (TSDB) use cases

Connected cars time-series databaseConnected Cars

TBox data, battery management system, autonomous driving, fleet management

Energy time-series databaseEnergy

Clean energy, power distribution, smart meters, energy management

Fintech time-series databaseFintech

Stock, securities and crypto market data

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