TDengine Enterprise

Deploy TDengine on the edge, on a local server, or in a public, private, or hybrid cloud

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High-performance, scalable time-series database

TDengine Enterprise includes all features of TDengine OSS and further helps industrial customers:

  • Benefit from improved performance in large-scale industrial scenarios
  • Retain affordable access to all your data with tiered storage, including S3
  • Mount multiple storage media to each tier for faster data ingestion
  • Merge and split vnodes to balance load efficiently
TDengine Enterprise features faster queries and ingestion than TDengine OSS and includes load balancing and tiered storage.

Ingestion from industrial data sources

  • Ingest data from a variety of data sources, including PI System, Wonderware, MQTT, OPC, InfluxDB, and OpenTSDB
  • Clean and transform your data with TDengine’s real-time ETL capability to ensure data quality
  • Configure data sources with zero code in a convenient GUI
PI System

Integration with industry-specific analytics and visualization tools

  • Query your data with standard SQL including extensions for time series data
  • Analyze data in real time with built-in stream processing
  • Integrate seamlessly with industry-specific analytics and visualization tools through JDBC and ODBC
Power BI
Looker Studio
You can analyze and visualize your data by integrating TDengine with industry-leading products such as Grafana and Seeq.
TDengine Enterprise provides fine granularity for the data that you share and for user permissions.

Data sharing with privilege management

  • Share data with stakeholders using views for fine-grained control
  • Distribute data to applications and algorithms with TDengine’s powerful data subscription feature
  • Control user privileges and access for data sharing
  • Configure the granularity of data sharing with SQL to provide data security and privacy

Data replication and backup

  • Back up and restore your TDengine instances, and export or import data in CSV or other formats
  • Replicate data between TDengine instances, including between public and private clouds
  • Replicate data stored on edge deployments to your TDengine instances running in the cloud
You can replicate data between TDengine instances in different regions or clouds for disaster recovery and high availability.
TDengine Enterprise includes a wide variety of enterprise-grade features, including RBAC, behavior auditing, and VPC peering.

Enterprise-grade security and O&M features

  • Access control at the database or table level in addition to subscription and view-based controls
  • Encrypt databases and data in transit
  • Audit user behavior and keep track of more observability metrics

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Deploy TDengine Enterprise on public, private, or hybrid clouds to accelerate your digital transformation.

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