Introduction to Time-Series Databases

This page lists articles that provide an introduction to time-series data and the time-series database (TSDB).

  • A time-series database (TSDB) is a database management system that is optimized to store, process, and analyze time-series data. For more about how the time-series database differs from traditional database management systems and how it can benefit you, see What Is A Time-Series Database and Why Do I Need One?
  • To learn more about time-series data and why it requires specialized management systems, see Characteristics of Time-Series Data.
  • With the ever-increasing number of database management solutions on the market, how can you decide which time-series database is best for your use case? For information, see How to Choose the Best Time-Series Database.
  • The data model is the most important part of any data management system, but different time-series databases adopt different data models. For a comparison of the data models used in market-leading time-series solutions such as InfluxDB, TimescaleDB, and TDengine, see Data Model Comparisons Between Time-Series Databases.
  • The storage engine is also essential to ensuring that a particular database fits your use case. For a comparison of the storage engines in TDengine and Prometheus, see Storage Model Comparison Between TDengine and Prometheus.