“Open Source, Contribution, and Inspiration”— The 2nd Anniversary of TDengine Open Source Community

TDengine Team
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LOS GATOS, Calif., July 14, 2021 — On July 12, TAOS Data celebrated the second birthday of TDengine Open Source Community. The celebration recapped the impressive achievements TDengine acquired in the past two years and inspired the promising future in the big data era, which thrilled the whole community.

Two years ago, TDengine, a big data platform designed and optimized for the Internet of Things (IoT), connected cars, and Industrial IoT, formally opened its source code on GitHub. So far, TDengine has acquired over 15,500 stars and nearly 4,000 forks as well as ranked the top on GitHub Trending several times. At present, TDengine has become one of the most prevailing time-series databases.

Driven by the power of the open source community, TDengine currently serves hundreds of thousands of users across over 50 cities around the world. Moreover, more than 100 corporate clients scattered in various industries selected TDengine as a data processing solution, especially 10+ clients among them are leading companies listed in the Fortune Global 500. Besides, TDengine is also ranked 8th in the database category of CNCF Cloud Native Interactive Landscape.

Given the successful use cases in the typical application scenarios such as electric power industry, automotive industry, IT operations, etc., TDengine has convincingly proven its dominant advantages in terms of faster writing/query performance and lower storage costs from other commonly used time-series databases. For example, TDengine successfully helped SF Technology upgrade its big data monitoring platform.

Jeff, the founder of TAOS Data, once worked as a principal staff engineer in Motorola Mobile Devices and then successfully established two technology companies before he founded TAOS Data. In 2016, Jeff keenly sensed the booming of big data and foresaw the promising future of the IoT industry, hence he decided to design the best big data processing tool tailored for the significant characteristics of IoT big data. TDengine is the implementation of Jeff’s aspiration and dedication.

During the session, Jeff delivered a speech to highlight the landmarks in the TDengine’s timeline and emphasized the very importance of the open source community. He mentioned that it was not only the development team but also the users and contributors in the TDengine open source community that spurred TDengine to go further and stronger.

Regarding the DevOps plan in the coming future, Guan, the co-founder & vice president engineering of TAOS Data, remarked that they would focus on upgrading TDengine 2.0 from following three aspects:

  • Providing lossy compression for the floating-point data type
  • Enhancing computing performance such as supporting high-speed storage cashing, UDF, and more complex data analysis
  • Supporting cloud services, more friendly data ingestion, more flexible data visualization tools, etc.

Surprisingly, Guan also revealed several key features of the upcoming TDengine 3.0: cloud-native architecture, separation of storage and compute, and event-driven stream computing. Guan said, “TDengine will keep on upgrading and improving based on our users’ pain points encountered in the usage scenarios, that’s why we chose open source”.

Jeff always encourages the team to try boldly and never give up by using Winston Churchill’s saying “success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts”. Stimulated by Jeff’s inspiring entrepreneurship, TDengine grew to be such an innovative and energetic open source community.

“We should always embrace open source and believe in the strength of cooperation”, said Jeff in the closing address.

About TDengine

TDengine is a popular open-source data platform purpose-built for time-series data. With over 15,000 stars on GitHub and hundreds of new installations daily, TDengine is used in more than 50 countries worldwide. The company is headquartered in Los Gatos, CA and has raised $70M in venture capital.

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