Announcing the TDengine Developer Conference

TDengine Team
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TDengine celebrated its fifth birthday this May. Over the past five years, TDengine has been constantly achieving milestones – going open-source, surpassing 18,000 stars on GitHub, and reaching over 100,000 instances running worldwide. This August will see yet another achievement: the release of TDengine 3.0.

To mark this achievement, the TDengine Team is proud to announce that the TDengine Developer Conference will be held on August 13 at the Kuntai Gerry Culture Center in Beijing.

The conference is intended for developers and others working with time-series data in fields like IoT, connected cars, industry internet, and IT systems monitoring. It is also a platform for members of the TDengine community to discuss the latest trends in data technology. TDengine customers from various industries will share their experiences, and all attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the latest innovations in time-series database (TSDB) technology.

For more information, see the TDengine Developer Conference homepage.