TDengine Developer Conference

August 13, 2022


The TDengine Developer Conference is an event held by the TDengine Team to promote communication about cutting-edge data technology. The conference is an opportunity intended for TDengine community members, including developers and others working with time-series data, to have in-depth discussions about digital transformation and integration of data technologies. It begins with new developments and technological innovation in time-series database kernel implementation and progresses to industry best practices in the fields of energy, IoT, connected cars, finance, industrial internet, and IT systems monitoring, helping enterprises find the best way to upgrade their architecture for the digital age.


Main Stage

The main stage showcases Jeff Tao, the founder of TDengine, alongside big names in infrastructure software and tech investors. They will discuss the pain points currently being experienced in data technology and enterprise digital transformation as well as future development trends. Finally, they will announce the release of TDengine 3.0.

Additionally, the main stage features a round-table discussion during which the elites of the database industry will share their thoughts on data innovation.

Second Stage: Core Technology

The core development team of TDengine will introduce the features and key technologies in version 3.0 to developers and enterprise customers. Attendees will be able to obtain a deeper understanding of innovations in time-series database technology.

Third Stage: Industry Best Practices

TDengine customers from finance, connected cars, energy, and other industries will discuss how they are using TDengine, share their experience in data structure development and issue resolution, describe how TDengine helped them increase performance while reducing costs, and offer innovative ideas in data solutions.

Guest Speakers

Baoqiu Cui, PhD
Vice President
Mingming Huang
Future Capital
Jeff Tao
Founder & CEO
Wei Guo
Apache Software Foundation Member
Juan Pan
SphereX CTO
Apache ShardingSphere PMC
Jinhui Yuan
Founder and CEO
Wei Lai
Founder and CEO
Hengjian Tang
Senior Backend Engineer
Fei Yin
SF Technology
Senior Engineer, Big Data Platforms
Meihua Zhou
Kuayue Express
Senior Technical Manager
Shengliang Guan
Distributed Systems Architect
Haojun Liao, PhD
Query Engine Architect
Jiangyi Hou
Hongze Cheng
Storage Engine Architect
Jicong Liu
Engine Developer


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