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Chait Diwadkar
Chait Diwadkar
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TDengine Cloud is already one of the fastest ways to start managing your operational data — you can sign up for an account and get a free month of credits with no sales meetings, upfront payment, or credit card information required. And because it’s a fully managed data historian, you don’t need to worry about database administration tasks — just create a database and you can configure data sources to send data to your TDengine Cloud instance without writing a single line of code. Integrating visualization and analytics applications is quick and easy as well thanks to TDengine’s standard interfaces and open ecosystem.

Introducing DB Mart

And now you can try out TDengine Cloud for yourself even faster with DB Mart. This new feature is a collection of shared databases that you can use to test the capabilities and performance of TDengine Cloud without importing any of your own data. If you’re still wondering whether TDengine Cloud is the right choice for you, simply create an account, activate a DB Mart database that’s similar to the use case for your industry, and run your queries or analytics on the data within it.

When you create a TDengine Cloud account, you can decide whether to activate any of the databases in DB Mart, shown below.

Public DB Mart databases

For the time being, you can choose a smart meters dataset, ship movement dataset, or cargo truck dataset, but check back for updates as the team is planning to upload additional shared databases in the future. Note that you don’t have to make a decision when you create your account — you can access DB Mart at any time from the main menu of TDengine Cloud.

Scroll to the bottom of the menu for DB Mart options

Once you’ve activated the shared databases that you want to use, just switch to the Public organization and Demo instance. You can then access the databases in the Data Explorer and run any queries that you like.

DB Mart databases are located in the Public organization

Using DB Mart databases is free for anyone with a TDengine Cloud account and does not count against any credit that you may have in your account.

Sharing Databases

With DB Mart, you can also share your own data with the TDengine community. If you have a database that you’d like to make publicly available to other TDengine Cloud users, you can add it to DB Mart on your own. After ensuring that you are authorized to share your data, open the Data Explorer and click Manage Database Privilege on the database that you want to share.

Hover over the target database name to see options

On the page displayed, open the DB Mart Access tab and click Edit. You can then configure your database for sharing in DB Mart. Note that if you want to share with only a select group, you can enable Generate Code to create a password that users must enter before they can access your data.

Enter a title and description to share your dataset with other users
  • Chait Diwadkar
    Chait Diwadkar

    Chait Diwadkar is Director of Solution Engineering at TDengine. Prior to joining TDengine he was in the biotechnology industry in technical marketing, professional services, and product management roles and supported customers in pharma, medical devices and diagnostics on analytical chemistry, and genetic platforms.