TDengine Releases Official Plugin for Grafana

Shuduo Sang
Shuduo Sang
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It’s not an overstatement that Grafana has become the most popular solution for visualizing system operations and monitoring. TDengine has supported integration with Grafana since just after going open source, around three years ago.

TDengine is a time-series database (TSDB) management system with a wide range of applications, spanning from IoT and connected vehicles to IT, finance, and industry internet. And as TDengine sees wider use, it has become clear that many of our users are choosing Grafana to provide visualization of the metrics that they store in TDengine.

TDengine has always been a product driven by the needs of its users. As such, the TDengine development team is constantly improving the Grafana plugin for TDengine to better match how our users make use of the products and the scenarios in which they use them. In addition to an alerting system, we released TDinsight, a zero-dependency monitoring solution based on Grafana.

Now the TDengine and Grafana teams have worked together to host the official Grafana plugin for TDengine on the Grafana website, making it even easier for you to use these products in combination. To get the plugin, you can open the official Grafana web site, click Plugins, and search for TDengine.

Alternatively, in Grafana, select Configuration > Plugins and search for TDengine. Simply open the plugin and click Install — no need to edit configuration files anymore.

You can even install the plug-in offline if you’re on a machine that doesn’t have Internet access. For details, see the documentation on GitHub.

We’ve also uploaded some monitoring dashboards to the official Grafana website that you can download here.

We hope you’ll give the plugin and dashboards a try. If you encounter any issues with the Grafana plugin for TDengine or have suggestions or recommendations, you’re welcome to submit an issue on GitHub.

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  • Shuduo Sang
    Shuduo Sang

    Shuduo Sang is an open-source software veteran at TDengine, working on magnifying TDengine capabilities to connect easily with more third-party software for IoT and DevOps users. He and his team develop and maintain the multiple client libraries and tools for TDengine such as taosBenchmark and taosAdapter. Before joining TDengine, he worked on open-source and Linux at Canonical and Intel.