TDengine Release Notes

TDengine Team
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About TDengine

TDengine is an open-source, cloud-native time-series database (TSDB) optimized for Internet of Things (IoT), Connected Cars, and Industrial IoT. It enables efficient, real-time ingestion, processing, and monitoring of petabytes of data per day, generated by billions of sensors and data collectors. With its built-in caching, stream processing, and data subscription capabilities, TDengine offers a simplified solution for time-series data processing.

What’s New

  • Data replication for clusters is more flexible and convenient. You can enable or disable data replication when creating a new database and with the ALTER DATABASE command for existing databases. The RAFT consensus algorithm takes effect automatically when replication is enabled.
  • Performance has been significantly enhanced for inserting data with SQL and for querying data in many scenarios.
  • Performance and stability have been improved for data replication.


You can run TDengine on Linux, macOS, and Windows, in addition to Docker containers and Kubernetes. See Supported Platforms for details about the compatibility of TDengine with various architectures and operating systems.

Note: You must upgrade existing clients to TDengine before connecting to a TDengine server.

Upgrading to TDengine

Upgrading TDengine Cloud

For TDengine Cloud instances on the Standard Plan or Enterprise Plan, an account representative will notify you of the next scheduled maintenance window during which your instances will be upgraded. Note that if you manually shut down Standard or Enterprise instances prior to the maintenance window, those instances will be automatically upgraded to the latest version.

TDengine Cloud instances on the Free Plan are automatically upgraded the next time they are shut down. You can manually shut down an instance by opening the Instances tab and clicking the Active slider.

You can check your current version of TDengine at any time by running the SELECT SERVER_VERSION(); command.

Upgrading TDengine Community and Enterprise Editions

You can upgrade TDengine Community Edition and TDengine Enterprise Edition to version from version or later.

To upgrade TDengine Community Edition or TDengine Enterprise Edition, first back up your deployment by making a copy of the TDengine directory. Then install TDengine as described in the official documentation. It is not necessary to uninstall TDengine before upgrading.

Note: If you have deployed TDengine as a cluster, you must shut down and upgrade all nodes in the cluster to TDengine Rolling upgrades are not supported in TDengine

If you are running TDengine 2.6 or earlier, contact the TDengine Team for assistance in migrating your deployment to TDengine TDengine Enterprise Edition customers can contact their account representative for support, and all users can join the TDengine Discord server and request help from the team.

Resolved Issues

For a full list of issues resolved in this release, see our GitHub repository.