TDengine PI Connector

Expand your PI system with a modern, real-time data analytics platform

Six smart meter elements have been created based on an AF template. Just provide the template name to replicate the three attributes for all six elements.
The same six smart meters are shown automatically replicated in TDengine Cloud.
Search for individual PI points to start replicating their data in TDengine Cloud.

Replicate data to the cloud with just a few clicks

Select PI points or AF templates to stream data continuously to TDengine Cloud, reducing deployment time from months to minutes. After a quick setup, the TDengine PI Connector handles the messy business of ETL including automatic backfill after disruptions.

  • To replicate data from AF, just select a template and the TDengine PI Connector will start streaming all data based on that template.
  • Not using AF? Use the convenient point builder tool to start streaming individual PI points to the cloud.

Scale your system with a powerful hybrid solution

Retain your current investment in PI and expand to a fully integrated hybrid solution where PI and TDengine coexist. New points are stored in TDengine while legacy points remain in PI – and with the TDengine Data Reference, all data stored in TDengine can be viewed and manipulated like PI points within AF and PI Vision.

  • Replicate data to TDengine Cloud for analytics and then view the results in your PI Vision dashboards alongside your PI data, without creating any new PI points.
  • View new data stored in TDengine together with existing data stored in PI in the TDengine Data Explorer or other modern visualization tools.
TDengine data used just like PI points in PI Vision
Grafana dashboard using the official TDengine plug-in

Unlock your data with an open system

Enjoy seamless integration with the analytics and visualization tools used in modern data operations and easily share key data with trusted partners. TDengine is aligned with the open-source future of industrial IoT and enables smooth migration going forward by integrating industrial enterprise data into modern systems and workflows.

  • Use the Grafana or Google Data Studio integrations for ad-hoc dashboards.
  • Build custom dashboards with TDengine’s popular programming connectors.

Eliminate licensing with pay-as-you-go pricing

Scale your system on a pay-as-you-go pricing model with no upfront costs and no limitations on data points or analytics. TDengine is available as a managed service with automatic backup and data replication between clouds and regions.

The TDengine PI Connector and the TDengine Data Reference are included with TDengine Cloud usage at no extra cost.

TDengine data used just like PI points in PI AF

How It Works

TDengine time series database | 21.12.01 07 how it works

The TDengine PI Connector uses the AF SDK to query historical data from the PI Data Archive, set up PI and AF data pipes for streaming data, and connect to PI AF to query the AF structure. The PI Connector creates the corresponding tables and writes this data over a secure RESTful API to TDengine Cloud.

The TDengine Data Reference is an AF Custom Data Reference that queries data within TDengine and allows you to interact with TDengine as though it were a PI Point within the PI Data Archive. In this way, TDengine data can be used alongside PI data in PI Vision.