Open Source

TDengine is a proud supporter of open source software, and the core components of TDengine, licensed under the AGPLv3, are available on our official GitHub repository. These core components are known as TDengine OSS, an open-source time series database that is free for anyone to use and modify. TDengine OSS and other adapters and drivers associated with TDengine are developed in the open on GitHub and accept issues and pull requests from community members. We have a very active repository for a product of our size as can be seen from its large number of commits and pull requests.

TDengine OSS serves as the code base for our paid offerings TDengine Enterprise and TDengine Cloud and provides the same core functionality. Unlike some open-core offerings, TDengine OSS is a full-featured time-series database that includes the necessary components for production use, including clustering.

TDengine has been installed over 500,000 times in more than 50 countries worldwide

We hope that through the power of open source software, we can realize our mission of making data accessible, valuable, and affordable — giving people the freedom to use their data however it benefits them most. With our rich, open ecosystem, we make data more easily centralized and shared and bring the benefits of revolutionary technologies like AI to the field of time-series data.