Intel Edge Insights for Industrial Supports TDengine

Shuduo Sang
Shuduo Sang
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To help traditional industries go digital, Intel® has developed the Edge Insights for Industrial software package. This package has been validated in production environments and can securely obtain, analyze, and store video and time-series data on the edge. You can program applications and create models on Edge Insights for Industrial to help you get more value from your data.

Time-series analytics is a key component of Edge Insights for Industrial. By analyzing your time-series data, you can obtain the insight you need to make better business decisions and increase production efficiency.

InfluxDB is currently used as the time-series database (TSDB) management system for storing and analyzing time-series data in Edge Insights for Industrial. However, TDengine can offer even better performance and compression rates. For more information, see IoT Performance Comparison: InfluxDB and TimescaleDB vs. TDengine.

TDengine is an open-source time-series database management system featuring high performance, scalability, and SQL support. It has seen wide use in fields ranging from IoT and Industrial Internet to connected cars, IT systems maintenance, and finance.

The native distributed design of TDengine enables the scaling out of processing capability simply by adding nodes and provides high availability through data replication onto those nodes.

Unlike InfluxDB, which uses a proprietary query language, TDengine uses industry-standard SQL. This design choice reduces the costs associated with learning new languages and migrating to new systems. TDengine also provides extensions to SQL for specialized analysis of time-series data and even supports schemaless data ingestion for added flexibility.

Now, after extensive testing, the TDengine team is proud to announce that you can use TDengine with Edge Insights for Industrial as your time-series data solution.

The following figure shows how TDengine works in Edge Insights for Industrial.

To use Edge Insights for Industrial with TDengine, first provision and start Docker containers as specified by the official documentation. Once Edge Insights for Industrial is running, you can use Telegraf to collect time-series data and store it in TDengine. Then you can visualize the data with Grafana.

For more information, see the official documentation on the Intel website.

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  • Shuduo Sang
    Shuduo Sang

    Shuduo Sang is an open-source software veteran at TDengine, working on magnifying TDengine capabilities to connect easily with more third-party software for IoT and DevOps users. He and his team develop and maintain the multiple client libraries and tools for TDengine such as taosBenchmark and taosAdapter. Before joining TDengine, he worked on open-source and Linux at Canonical and Intel.