TDengine Selected by Frost & Sullivan as Global Leader in Industrial Data Management

TDengine Team
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Frost & Sullivan 2023 Best Practices Award for Global Industrial Data Management Solutions - Customer Value Leadership Award

Research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan, having assessed the business and customer impact of a range of products, has identified TDengine as best in class in the global industrial data management solutions industry. Its report, available for download here, praised TDengine’s forward-thinking approach to data infrastructure and its customer-centric corporate philosophy.

As stated by Best Practices Research Analyst Valentina Barcia, “Frost & Sullivan applauds TDengine’s approach to industrial data management solutions, allowing clients to make informed decisions, optimize processes, improve efficiency, and enhance overall productivity.”

As a next generation data historian designed to assist industrial enterprises in accelerating digital transformation, TDengine delivers value to its customers in a number of ways:

  • Providing high performance data ingestion, querying, and compression for datasets of any size, ensuring that TDengine can always scale with its customers’ growing businesses
  • Integrating with an open ecosystem of products and solutions through standard interfaces so that customers can choose the best tools for their use case without being locked in to any single vendor
  • Implementing predictable, modern pricing plans that charge fairly based on actual usage of compute and storage resources, instead of outdated tag-based models that quickly incur excessive costs
  • Making its products easy to use even for non-developers and less technical teams, featuring zero-code integration and user-friendly interfaces, and offering trials and POCs without extensive contract negotiations or upfront costs

Even more importantly, TDengine offers a fresh approach based on open source and cloud technologies that will lead the field of industrial data toward a more open future. As the Frost & Sullivan report notes, “With the aim to democratize industrial data systems, the company stands out in the industrial data management solution industry with its open ecosystem and unprecedented accessibility and affordability.” By deploying TDengine, customers additionally benefit from a future-ready infrastructure in which silos are broken down, data is easily centralized and shared, and the benefits of revolutionary technologies like AI are as accessible to the industrial sector as they are to big tech.