Enable Advanced Industrial Data Analytics with Seeq

Jeff Tao
Jeff Tao
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Unlike many industrial data solutions on the market, TDengine is proud to offer an open ecosystem that supports integration with a wide variety of third-party products for analytics, visualization, and more. By providing open, standard interfaces, TDengine makes it easy to work with the best tools for any particular use case while benefiting from the industry-leading centralization and sharing capabilities of the TDengine data historian.

Now we are proud to announce support for Seeq, a global leader in advanced analytics and a favored solution in oil and gas, chemical manufacturing, and other industries. It enables industrial enterprises to quickly gain insights from time series data and optimize business outcomes.

The process for integrating with Seeq is simple — just download the TDengine JDBC library to your Seeq server, then create a datasource within Seeq for your TDengine deployment. You can then use the powerful analytics capabilities of Seeq Workbench and Seeq Data Lab to perform analysis on time-series data stored in TDengine. For detailed instructions, see the documentation.

This integration allows users to take advantage of TDengine’s high-performance time-series data storage and query, ensuring efficient processing of large volumes of data. At the same time, Seeq provides advanced analytics features such as data visualization, anomaly detection, correlation analysis, and predictive modeling, enabling users to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Together, Seeq and TDengine provide a comprehensive solution for time-series data analysis in diverse industries such as manufacturing, IIoT, and power systems. The combination of efficient data storage and advanced analytics empowers users to unlock the full potential of their time-series data, driving operational improvements and enabling predictive and prescriptive analytics applications.

  • Jeff Tao
    Jeff Tao

    With over three decades of hands-on experience in software development, Jeff has had the privilege of spearheading numerous ventures and initiatives in the tech realm. His passion for open source, technology, and innovation has been the driving force behind his journey.

    As one of the core developers of TDengine, he is deeply committed to pushing the boundaries of time series data platforms. His mission is crystal clear: to architect a high performance, scalable solution in this space and make it accessible, valuable and affordable for everyone, from individual developers and startups to industry giants.