White Paper

Supercharging PI System for Data Sharing & Advanced Analytics

Extending PI System’s Time Series Data Capabilities with TDengine

Managing and Sharing Data in the IIoT Era

With IIoT bridging the gap between physical devices and digital applications, legacy embedded systems are being replaced in smart factories by cyber-physical systems (CPS) which combine computing, communication, and control capabilities with physical procedures and elements.

The proliferation of connected sensors generates a massive volume of time-series data that needs to be shared, centralized, and analyzed. This enables an organization to benefit from a global view of an entire network of connected sensors and devices, and develop insights that lead to company-wide efficiencies. Operating in silos doesn’t cut it when it comes to IIoT.

This white paper explores the capabilities of PI System, a popular data historian used throughout manufacturing, and illustrates how the time series database TDengine – along with the TDengine for PI System solution – can be used to extend this system to enable data centralization and sharing.

TDengine for PI System: A New Approach

The TDengine solution provides a powerful extension of PI System that enhances its capabilities, enabling efficient data centralization and sharing without having to rip and replace a PI deployment. Organizations benefit from the freedom to use multiple systems at individual sites, using the right system for each site’s needs, and benefit from a unified view of their data.

Data Centralization Solutions

Without TDengine

Data shared as CSV files without context
No automatic backfill after interruption
Exports only a subset of data points
Significant technical expertise required
High licensing and O&M costs

TDengine PI Connector

Data replicated to the cloud in just a few clicks
Automatic ETL including backfill
Seamless integration with analytics and visualization
Managed service with automated administration
Competitively priced with no licenses