TDengine Careers

Who We Are

TDengine is a cloud-native, high-performance simplified solution for time-series data. It has been well received by the developer community since it was open-sourced in 2019, garnering more than 20,000 GitHub stars so far and hundreds of clones on a daily basis. It has also found solid market traction generating rapidly growing revenue for the company. TDengine was founded and is led by veterans in the technology industry with accomplished and proven track records.

With its success so far in the technology community as well as in the marketplace, TDengine team has enjoyed somewhat unprecedented support from first tier venture capital firms, with institutional funding as of series B exceeding $69 million.

Such support is also strong validation of our vision for a future where big data will mostly be generated from machines, sensors, and automation devices instead of user behavior and actions, as is the mainstream perception. We have more than ample reason and evidence to believe that we are on a path to success that rivals or exceeds the mega successes in recent years in the open source big data sector.

What We Are Looking For

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