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TDengine Team
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The TDengine Team is proud to announce the release of TDengine Cloud, a fully managed time series database (TSDB) solution that delivers the industry-leading performance of TDengine 3.0 as a cloud service. This platform can run on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Major features and benefits

With TDengine Cloud, you receive all of the features of TDengine 3.0 plus the following:

  • Enterprise-ready cloud solution, providing robust backup, multi-cloud replication, user privilege controls and behavior auditing, VPC peering, and IP whitelisting features. TDengine Cloud delivers the carrier-grade performance and stability that you need to support your business.
  • Simplified setup and management, dramatically reducing the tools needed to start, operate, and manage your time-series database at scale. As a managed service, TDengine Cloud saves you time by taking care of clustering, backup, and data retention on its own.
  • Easier data analytics and sharing, enabling you to gain insight from your data more conveniently than ever. You can quickly access data in TDengine Cloud with Python, Java, Go, Rust, and Node.js connectors; create dashboards and applications that subscribe to your topics and streams; and replicate data across your enterprise with edge-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud synchronization.
  • Fast and easy data ingestion, supporting standard SQL with connectors for popular programming languages as well as an MQTT broker with which you can send data to TDengine without writing any custom code, in addition to schemaless insert protocols. With TDengine Cloud, you can choose the method for writing data into your time-series database that is most convenient for you and your business scenario.

Join the community

Register at cloud.tdengine.com today for a free account and walk through a short tutorial to quickly understand the capabilities and advantages of using TDengine to unlock the power of your time-series data.

Video Tutorial

The following video gives an overview of TDengine Cloud.