Community Edition

Open Source | Includes All Core Features

TDengine Community Edition is open-source software released under the AGPL 3.0 that includes all core features required to process time-series data efficiently.

  • Data insertion using SQL, schemaless writing, or third party tools
  • Data query using standard SQL with time-series extensions and UDF
  • Caching of the latest data for every time series
  • Continuous query and event-driven stream processing
  • Kafka-like data subscription with added filtering capabilities
  • Data visualization through seamless integration with Grafana & Google Data Studio
  • Clustering, high availability, and high reliability
  • Connectors for major programming languages
  • CLI and tools for monitoring, data import/export, and more
TDengine time series database | 21.12 01 community

TDengine Cloud

Fully Automated and Managed | Enterprise-Ready Cloud Service

TDengine time series database | 21.12 02 cloud

TDengine Cloud is a fully managed cloud service for TDengine, featuring:

  • Simplified time-series data management, dramatically reducing the tools and cost needed to start, operate, and manage your time-series database at scale.
  • Simple and secure data sharing, enabling access to data on any scale needed for your business scenario – from an entire instance or a database to a single continuous SQL query with just an email.
  • Enterprise-ready cloud solution, providing robust backup, multi-cloud replication, edge-cloud synchronization, role-based access control, behavior auditing, VPC peering, and IP whitelisting features.

To integrate TDengine Cloud with your PI System, check out the TDengine for PI System solution.

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Features | Professional Technical Support

TDengine Enterprise Edition is a carrier-grade product that can meet the challenges of big data with superior scalability, uptime, performance, and agility. In addition to features in the Community Edition, it includes the following:

  • Data replication between edge and cloud or between instances that span multiple geographical sites or clouds
  • Incremental data backup
  • Tiered storage to make data management simpler and more cost-effective
  • Web-based management tools to make maintenance simpler
  • Support for more industry data interfaces and third-party tools
  • Secure data transmission
  • User privilege controls for read/write permissions
  • Professional technical support
TDengine time series database | 21.12 03 enterprise

Feature Comparison

Insert data
Query data
Data subscription
Stream processing
Connectors for programming
CLI, import/export, and other basic tools
Tiered storage
Incremental backup
Data replication
User privilege controls
Web-based management
Additional tools and industry data interfaces
Secure data transmission
Managed service
IP whitelisting
VPC peering
Professional technical support