TDengine Products

Feature Comparison

Community Edition

Open Source | Includes All Core Features

TDengine Community Edition is open-source software released under the AGPL 3.0 that includes all core features required to process time-series data efficiently.

  • Data insertion using SQL, schemaless writing, or third party tools
  • Data query using standard SQL with time-series extensions and UDF
  • Caching of the latest data for every time series
  • Continuous query and event-driven stream processing
  • Kafka-like data subscription with added filtering capabilities
  • Data visualization through seamless integration with Grafana & Google Data Studio
  • Clustering, high availability, and high reliability
  • Connectors for major programming languages
  • CLI and tools for monitoring, data import/export, and more
TDengine Community Edition

Cloud Edition

Fully Automated and Managed | Enterprise-Ready Cloud Service

TDengine Cloud Edition

TDengine Cloud Edition is a fully managed serverless platform for time-series data enabling instant deployment, elastic scale, and simplified management.

  • Simplified setup and management, dramatically reducing the tools needed to start, operate, and manage time-series data at scale.
  • Fast and easy data ingestion, supporting standard SQL, connectors for popular programming languages, MQTT brokers, and schemaless insert protocols.
  • Easier data analytics and sharing, enabling you to quickly access data with popular programming connectors, create dashboards with data subscriptions, and replicate data across your enterprise with edge-to-cloud and cloud-to-cloud synchronization
  • Enterprise-ready cloud solution, providing robust backup, multi-cloud replication, user privilege controls, VPC peering, and IP whitelisting features.

Enterprise Edition

Enterprise Features | Professional Technical Support

TDengine Enterprise Edition is a carrier-grade product that can meet the challenges of big data with superior scalability, uptime, performance, and agility. In addition to features in the Community Edition, it includes the following:

  • Data replication between edge and cloud or between instances that span multiple geographical sites or clouds
  • Incremental data backup
  • Tiered storage to make data management simpler and more cost-effective
  • Web-based management tools to make maintenance simpler
  • Support for more industry data interfaces and third-party tools
  • Secure data transmission
  • User privilege controls for read/write permissions
  • Professional technical support
TDengine Enterprise Edition

Feature Comparison

Insert data
Query data
Data subscription
Stream processing
Connectors for programming
CLI, import/export, and other basic tools
Tiered storage
Incremental backup
Data replication
User privilege controls
Web-based management
Additional tools and industry data interfaces
Secure data transmission
Managed service
IP whitelisting
VPC peering
Professional technical support