TDengine Products

Community Edition

Open source, Lightweight | Includes all core features

TDengine Community Edition is the open-source version and is available under the AGPL license. It is an ideal platform to process small to medium scale data sets. It has all the core features required to process time-series data efficiently, including:

  • Standard SQL-based query language with extensions to insert, query and analyze data
  • C/C++, Java(JDBC), Python, Go, Rust, RESTful, and Node.JS interfaces are supported
  • Ad hoc queries/analysis via integrated Python/R/Matlab or TDengine shell
  • Continuous queries to support sliding-window based stream computing
  • Super table to aggregate multiple time-streams efficiently with flexibility
  • Built-in messaging system to support publisher/subscriber model
  • Built-in cache for each time stream to make latest data available at light speed
  • Built-in cluster feature to support high availability and scalability
  • Handling of historical and real-time data is exactly the same, and transparent to users

Enterprise Edition

High reliability, Linearly scalable | 24/7 professional technical service

TDengine Enterprise Edition is the carrier-grade distributed version to meet the challenges of big data with uncompromising scalability, uptime, performance and agility. Besides the features in the Community Edition, it has the most comprehensive set of advanced features, including:

  • Built-in replication between nodes which may span multiple geographical sites
  • Multi-tier storage to make historical data management simpler and cost-effective
  • Web-based management tools and other tools to make maintenance simpler
  • Support for ubiquitous and many other industry data interfaces and third-party tools
  • 24/7 professional services