TDengine Cloud Data Analytics

Spend less time wrangling data with TDengine

Blazing fast data ingestion and analytics

Blazing fast data ingestion and analytics

TDengine is a high-performance time-series database (TSDB) featuring a novel storage engine that makes full use of the characteristics of time-series data. This engine significantly improves the speed of querying and ingesting data, as well as the compression ratio of the data it stores.

  • TDengine is at least 10 times faster than general purpose databases and its data compression ratio is more than 5 times higher.
  • With its native distributed design, TDengine is the only TSDB that solves the high cardinality issue, supporting billions of data collection points without performance deterioration.
  • By separating labels from time-series data and introducing the supertable, TDengine provides flexible and powerful multi-dimensional data analytics.

Easy data ingestion and analytics

TDengine uses SQL as its query language, reducing the learning curve for users as well as the cost of migrating applications. In addition, TDengine provides connectors for major programming languages and offers seamless integration with many third-party tools to make the system easier to use.

  • TDengine integrates seamlessly with collection tools like Telegraf and Prometheus and with visualization tools like Grafana and Google Data Studio. You can easily configure these tools to insert data into TDengine or read data from TDengine without writing a single line of code.
  • For developers, TDengine provides a REST API as well as connectors for Java, Python, C#, Rust, Go, and Node.js along with sample code that you can copy and paste into your own applications.
  • The built-in TDengine Data Explorer makes it easier to preview and visualize the data stored in your time-series database, and the Web console enables convenient ad hoc queries.
Wide variety of data ingestion options in TDengine Cloud
Easy time-series analysis with SQL extensions such as PARTITION BY

Powerful queries with SQL extensions for time-series data

TDengine includes extensions to standard SQL that are intended specifically for time-series use cases. These built-in functions significantly reduce the user workload compared with the complex queries required to implement the same capabilities in general-purpose databases.

  • TDengine provides a range of useful time-series-specific functions such as cumulative summation, time-weighted average, and interpolation in addition to time, session, and state windows.
  • You can further extend the capabilities of SQL with user-defined functions (UDF) – custom functions that you write yourself and use just like standard SQL functions. UDFs can be run ad hoc on the Web console or continuously using the integrated stream processing component of TDengine.